In 2010 we got a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis for our son Isaac who was then 27 months old. For a year and a half we had been concerned about his persistent soft stools. Now that we're going down the road of living with IBD in our house, we want to be able to share our story, connect with similar families or individuals, and increase our awareness of the experience of others.

Some of our related interests are diet, kids and families with IBD, and discussing and sharing experiences.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maintaining Remission

We are awaiting our latest results, but things look good.  A couple weeks ago we all got sick with a bug that caused diarrhea and/or vomiting, and some flu-like symptoms that passed in about a day.  We were concerned, of course, about Isaac, and his diarrhea seemed to be more persistent than the rest of us who cleared up after a couple days.  But finally his poops got better and we are again back to normal.  No blood, and now it's been over 6 months!

Isaac is "listening to his brain" again today and every few months we will probably continue with the brainwave optimization treatments.  It involves four treatments and it costs $600.  We moved across town and now live very close to the place where Isaac goes for this, so it is convenient now to do one two-hour treatment a day for four days.