In 2010 we got a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis for our son Isaac who was then 27 months old. For a year and a half we had been concerned about his persistent soft stools. Now that we're going down the road of living with IBD in our house, we want to be able to share our story, connect with similar families or individuals, and increase our awareness of the experience of others.

Some of our related interests are diet, kids and families with IBD, and discussing and sharing experiences.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

health appreciation!

We are appreciating this remission time whole-heartedly.  Every now and again will get a stinky poo that will remind us of UC, or we see a looser stool, and we'll get a little nervous.  But so far so good.  No blood or complaints, and good everything.

We are continuing with the sulfasalazine and azathioprine.  I have to say that our dietary modifications are nothing special other than our regular trying to eat healthily.

Way to go, Isaac!
easter eve

painting with brother and sister