In 2010 we got a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis for our son Isaac who was then 27 months old. For a year and a half we had been concerned about his persistent soft stools. Now that we're going down the road of living with IBD in our house, we want to be able to share our story, connect with similar families or individuals, and increase our awareness of the experience of others.

Some of our related interests are diet, kids and families with IBD, and discussing and sharing experiences.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Remission, it's official!

In spite of the recent success, I am having a difficult time embracing the brainwave optimization treatments as the cause of Isaac's current well-being.  But facts are fact, and reporting them is my pleasure, because we had a doctor's appointment yesterday where all indications showed that Isaac is in remission they told us.  Healthy blood tests, healthy stats, no evident bowel problems.  We also heard those words that everybody connected to somebody with a chronic illness loves to hear: "We don't know how to explain it, but..."


  1. this is great, Great, GREAT news!!!!

  2. excellent. remission is a goal of my own so i ended up here. blogs like these do help i think, just typing/writing as cartharsis

  3. Keep us posted Chris. And yes, the writing and sharing is good to look back on, and also good for others who are going through something similar.